Shelley retails her one of a kind vintage designs exclusively at Art and Fine Craft Festivals.   Events will be added to the schedule, listed below, as they are confirmed.

2015 Event Schedule

Gasparilla Art and Fine Craft Festival
Feb. 28 - March 1, 2015
Tampa, Florida

Visit Shelley in her studio for a personal jewelry design session transforming your family costume jewelry.  You will collaborate on design to modernize and reinvent your items while retaining the sentimental value.  Shelley will remanufacture the items for a custom design and  fit that suits your personal style.

Fee of $30 per hour includes:
Design mockup for customer review via e-mailed photos
Unlimited amount of redesigns
Finishing of all rough edges and rhinestone replacement
Personalized Fit
Final manufacture of jewelry items

Call Shelley for an appointment at 248/321-0538 or send her an e-mail at

Shelley Johnston is an Asheville North Carolina based jewelry designer specializing in transforming vintage and antique costume jewelry.  The American and European designed and manufactured material provide endless inspiration.  Shelley salvages our jewelry history bringing it back to wearability. Not only does she work with collectible designer pieces, but she also recycles broken pieces that seem hopelessly out of date or impossible to repair.

Asheville provides endless inspiration whether it is the romance of the "South" or visiting the grand Biltmore Estate. Her boundless passion for vintage jewelry is reflected in her one of a kind designs - and redesigns, sometimes made from fragments found in the dust of old jewelry boxes. Shelley retails her jewelry exclusively at Art and Fine Craft Festivals.  She warmly invites you to visit her at one of these local cultural celebrations and share your stories about sentimental family jewelry items.

Asheville, NC

Antique and Vintage jewelry is the hottest trend today because of the beautiful fashion inspired by the hit PBS TV Series Downton Abbey.  Shelley's authentic designs will make you feel like "Lady Mary".
Shelley is an instructor of Jewelry Design at the University of North Carolina Asheville's Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI). She leads a 6 week class on the History of Vintage and Antique Costume Jewelry with a little bit of Workshop. The following is a brief outline for this informative and fun class. The winter term begins the week of January 12, 2015.  

Week 1: History of Vintage Costume Jewelry design from Victorian-Woodstock

Week 2: Great Costume Jewelry Houses of the 20th Century including Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli, Eisenberg, Weiss and Christian Dior

Week 3: The Art of Negotiating and assessment of students personal Costume Jewelry items

Week 4: Cameos & Intaglios.  How to tell real from fake.  Before and After Design challenge. Shelley will take scraps donated by students and design jewelry items.

Week 5: Around the World in Vintage Jewelry design including Niello, Damascene, Taxco and Pearls. The day will feature the Daniel Swarovski story

Week 6: A full session workshop to transform the student's vintage costume jewelry

Each week features a unique design challenge for the students; from a thrift shop scavenger hunt to a "stump the designer" contest. Whether you are a collector or want to understand the costume jewelry you inherited - the course is fun and informative